We rent vehicles, with driver service.We rent vehicles for every need.


Customized service: You will be staffed by highly qualified, friendly and eager to help you feel entirely "at home".
A modern fleet of vehicles: You can select from a wide variety of quality vehicles at optimal presentation and service.
The more convenient market rates: Our organization allows us to offer the lowest rates of car rental market and special transportation for businesses, allowing significant savings to our customers.
Wide Prestige: We are a young and dynamic company that bases its success on the firm intention of providing excellent service at good prices. We are proud that our growing customer base originates mostly by reference to our own satisfied customers.
Business Portfolio: This product is intended for all types of businesses that require to rent vehicle fleets, and those who need special transportation of its employees and / or equipment with national coverage through agile solutions, efficient and economical.
When your company belong to our "vehicular OUTSOURCING Business Service", you can enjoy many benefits:

- Your company can devote 100% of investment in vehicles, the activity of the same, optimizing resources and achieving better results.
- Avoids incurring in high costs for maintenance concept and the budgetary burden which involves deterioration and normal depreciation for using a own fleet.
- Special rates depending on the number of rented vehicles.
- Units are always in perfect presentation and performance.
- Personalized service through our sales executives.
- All our vehicles are covered by an insurance policy that covers every eventuality.
- A wide range of vehicles that meet your needs and budget.
- The replacement of the vehicle and immediate assistance when the company requires.
- Timely and home delivery of vehicles 24 hours anywhere in the country without additional cost.
- We have highly qualified staff ready to meet business requirements of transport.

Additional Logistics Services:.

In addition our company is able to provide the following logistics services, ensuring maximum effectiveness and quality in provision of the same

- Transportation and localization of the requested vehicles nationwide in the city and the date required, including legal documentation and insurance for their mobilization, available for your company, while the full time of the rental.
- A responsible officer and expert, will be the administrator of your transportation fleet. Ensuring at any moment, the proper performance of the vehicles.
- Fuel supply as required at any time of the service.
- Payment the toll rates as required.
- Experienced drivers, reliable and with the full requirements of the law (social security, health, ARP and fiscal contributions).
- Daytime and nighttime parking for vehicles.
- Maintenance of emergency for vehicles if required.
- Cell phone in the car for easy communication and coordination with our company.

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